Gush Shalom sent these two messages (August 2003):
  1. URGENT: your presence needed in Mes'ha - as well as protest letters

    [There just came a phonecall from our member Oren Medicks who takes part in the Coalition Against The Wall at the Mes'ha tent.]

    Tomorrow, Sunday August 3, the Separation Wall bulldozers are expected to enter the front yard of of the Amer family home at Mes'ha Village on the West Bank, demolishing whatever shed is in it's way and start construction of the wall right there.

    The family home itself will escape demolition - but from tomorrow it will become part of the "security perimeter". Any exit of Hani Amer, his wife or their six children from their door will require a permit from the army, and nobody will be allowed to visit them. Obviously, the army would like the family to go away and save them the bother - except that they have nowhere to go.

    Starting tonight, Israeli and international peace activists, together with Mes'ha villagers, will set up a protest tent on the threatened spot. They ask for those who can to join them there, and participate in passive resistance to the demolition, and demonstrate exacty what Sharon means when he says that efforts will be made to prevent the wall/fence from disrupting Palestinian daily life.

  2. For once we have a piece of good news.

    Yesterday we passed on an alert regarding the home of Hani and Munira Amer and their six children - at the village of Mes'ha on the West Bank. ("The Separation Wall" was to be constructed in their garden, making the house into an enclave, with the family members virtual prisoners on their own land.)

    Today we can tell you that at least for the moment this threat has been averted. Many thanks to those who came to the spot & those who sent their protest.

    Bulldozers started work at 7.00 AM some twenty metres from the Amer house. Some sixty international activists - among them a contingent of Israelis - were present to confront them, together with many Mes'ha villagers.

    When police and army seemed about to start evicting the protesters, the Palestinians, Internationals and Israelis linked arms. The media representatives on the spot were invited to a press conference from the protest tent, and addressed by the house owner and representatives of various participating organizations.

    With the international spotlight turned on the Wall and the Sharon Government involved in a public debate with the Bush Adminstaration, the authorities apparenty decided to avoid confrontation. The bulldozers halted work, and the contractor informed the protestors there will be no work on the site of Hani A'amer's house for the next two months. (He refused, however, to repeat this verbal pledge in writing.)

    The activists intend to keep the Mas'ha peace tent in front of the house - so as to hold the contractor to his promise, as well as maintain the campaign against the Wall in general.