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"Free Trade" Treaties

trade treaty comic

While Obama claims that the proposed free exploitation treaties with Colombia and Korea would increase US exports, its own figures predict the opposite.

In general, US export growth has been low wherever the US has a "free trade treaty".

This is important because it shows that these treaties backfire even in the terms of their proponents. But even if these treaties really did increase exports, that would not excuse their attack on democracy.

Businesses are trying to bully Germany into continuing to use nuclear power.

Converting to renewable energy is a necessity. What would these countries do if there were a Fukushima-like disaster near their factories? Of course, they would demand to place the costs on others and not them, but even after achieving that it would hurt their production. When companies demand short-term goals override long-term needs, that makes them enemies of society.

These companies deserve to be picketed in other countries.

Meanwhile, the fact that companies can do this illustrates the damage that "free trade" treaties do.

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