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You've probably heard of the "USA PATRIOT" Act, a hypocritically-named law which, in the name of safety, attacks the freedom which the US stands for. Patriotic Americans who criticize the law do not want to refer to it as the "Patriot Act".

The fact is, there is no reason to call it that. The name is really the "U.S.A.P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act". That's right, it's an acronym--each of those letters is the initial of some word. (I don't remember the specific words; they don't seem important.)

If we want to split that long list of initials into pronounceable words, we don't have to do it the way the law's supporters do. We can just as legitimately split it up in another way. Therefore, I've decided to call it the "USA PAT RIOT" Act.

The ACLU explains the details of this law's attacks on our freedom.

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