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A number of protestors were arrested in Quebec at the FTAA meeting, generally on absurd or fabricated pretexts. You can help them by donating to their legal defense fund.

From Québec:
No. de compte: 32130
Transit: 92276-815
Caisse d'économie des travailleurs et des travailleuses (Québec)

From the rest of Canada:
Send a check to :
Comité d'Acceuil du Sommet des Amériques (CASA)
(wrt defense funds)
Caisse d'Économie des Travailleurs et Travailleuses Desjardins
15 Boulevard Charest Est, suite 500
Québec, Qc
G1K 3G6
From the USA:
Send a check or make a wire transfer to the Lower East Side Fund:
Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union
Account number 7181,
Routing number 226082598.
From other countries:
send a message to la_casa [A-T] hotmail [D0T] com to make arrangements.
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