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[DIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] analog-boss.html 14-May-2018 13:22 5.1K Falkvinge: Analog Equivalent Rights: Your analog boss couldn’t read your mail, ever [TXT] analog-equivalent-rights.html 04-Feb-2018 09:55 4.4K Analog Equivalent Rights [TXT] conversations-are-muted.html 02-May-2018 13:10 3.4K Analog Equivalent Rights: Our digital children’s conversations are muted on a per-topic basis [TXT] dating-preferences.html 10-Apr-2018 10:15 4.7K Analog Equivalent Rights: Our analog parents’ dating preferences weren’t tracked, recorded, and cataloged [TXT] diaries.html 02-May-2018 13:35 3.8K Analog Equivalent Rights: The Previous Inviolability of Diaries [TXT] free-sharing.html 01-Jan-2018 17:29 3.9K Falkvinge: How Did the Free Sharing of Scientific Knowledge And Culture Become the Worst Crime Our Justice Systems Could Think Of? [TXT] history-of-copyright-part-2.html 01-Jan-2018 17:30 4.9K Falkvinge: History of Copyright, part 2: Bloody Mary [TXT] pirate-parties.html 18-Oct-2018 11:30 4.9K Falkvinge: Pirate Party enters parliament in Luxembourg, gets 17% in Prague [TXT] private-conversations.html 07-May-2018 16:33 5.0K Falkvinge: Analog Equivalent Rights: Our analog parents had private conversations, both in public and at home [TXT] telescreens.html 07-May-2018 14:26 4.8K Falkvinge: Analog Equivalent Rights: Telescreens in our Living Rooms
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