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Reasons not to use ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not "intelligence", so please don't call it "AI".

I define "intelligence" as being capable of knowing or understanding, at least within some domain. ChatGPT cannot know or understand anything, so it is not intelligence. It does not know what it's output means.

I call it a "bullshit generator" because it generates output "with indifference to the truth".

The same applies to many other "generative systems", for the same reasons

The widespread public error of attributing intelligence to those systems leads millions of people to a misplaced trust for them. Please join me in spreading the word that people should not trust systems that mindlessly play with words to be correct in what those words mean.

Another reason to reject ChatGPT in particular is that users cannot get a copy of it. It is unreleased software -- users cannot get even an executable to run, let alone the source code. The only way to use it is by talking to a server which keeps users at arm's length.

Doing your own computer via software on someone else's server inherently trashes users' freedom.

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